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AQUALAMB RECORDS announces its next release: the self-titled LP by MURDEREDMAN, due July 22nd in 100 pg book, vinyl and digital formats.

MURDEREDMAN’s sophomore LP, a selection of eight songs honed over three years, navigates between expansive, lush melodies and blastbeat-driven technical attacks. A striking display of restraint and release, this self-titled album diverges markedly from their prior recordings’ which were built on dissonant riffs and overdriven vocals’ by embracing open space and clarity. A patient and disciplined examination of anxiety and melancholy, this latest effort magnifies its extremes singularly, allowing them to flourish in contrast to one another.

Formed by four lifers of the Cleveland avant-rock scene, MURDEREDMAN built its sound on the bleakness of early goth-punk, the dirgy scum of the AmRep catalog, and the stark minimalism of no wave. A unified vision quickly emerged from this convergence of influences, leading to their raw seven-inch debut, followed by a handful of limited cassettes, and 2013’s LP, Love in Danger. On stage, MURDEREDMAN presents a dramatic live spectacle refined over their four year history while sharing bills with a diverse range of bands including ONO, Vaz, Obnox, Floor, Oozing Wound, and Tiger Hatchery.

The live experience showcases their enigmatic vocalist who creates a visual atmosphere through compelling manipulations of light, shadow, and reflection. His performative expressions highlight musical contrasts of beauty and brutality, often culminating in a mess of shattered mirrors, damaged gear, and scattered flowers. MURDEREDMAN is not just giving you music, they’re giving you theatre.

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David Russell - Vocals
John Delzoppo - Drums
Rich Raponi - Bass
Ron Kretsch - Guitars

July 9 - (Special Early Release Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class with Hiram-Maxim, Khaki Blazer, and Glass Traps.
July 23 - Brooklyn, NY @ Acheron w/ Stats, Hiram-Maxim and Special Guests

Inspired by the the lack of album art in the age of invisible music, Brooklyn-based record label AQUALAMB publishes 100+ page printed books of artwork and writings as a tangible accompaniment to its releases. Essentially, each album’s art and liner notes (traditionally confined to an LP gatefold, a CD booklet, or the screen of some music-playing device) are reconfigured into book form. Each book includes a download code for the music. For AQUALAMB's 13th release, MURDEREDMAN's self-titled 100 Page book was designed by MURDEREDMAN’s guitarist and Dangerous Minds Contributing Editor, Ron Kretsch. Art collages were crafted by their vocalist, visual artist David Russell Stempowski.

"MURDEREDMAN’s sonic assault is abrasive, acidic and unstoppable... both intelligent and primitive... Noise attack guitar nihilism, distorted bass grooves and bone shaking drum pummel all combine with frantic howls..." Permanent Records, Chicago

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Black Black Black

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Black Black Black Album Cover
Black Black Black Album Cover

Album Art

"Black Black Black traffic in the kind of good-natured misanthropy of bands like Whores or KEN mode, but the musical gestures beneath the noisy exterior are all forward-charging, Kyuss-worshipping sludge n' roll. It's basically underground metal's version of a radio banger." -BrooklynVegan

Brooklyn "doom pop" rockers Black Black Black are set to release new, sophomore album Altered States of Death and Grace on March 25th via Aqualamb Records.

Stripped-down, psyched-out desert rock meets big-city darkness, in Altered States of Death and Grace's ten perfect gems of driving rock n' roll. Hip-shaking stomps and soaring hooks propel morbidly poetic songs about pills, decay, self-mutilation, Satanism, and other horror-flick delights, bearing titles like "Let's Bloodlet" and "Exorcist Everything." It is a clash of desert and city, light and dark, sweet and bitter - while the music radiates color, the lyrics are as black as the band name.

"Zoloft Manual" kicks off the album, showcasing the rich singing voice of frontman Jason Alexander Byers - Byers is formerly the vocalist of '90s Cleveland band Disengage (releases on Man's Ruin Records and other labels) and on Altered States of Death and Grace he croons, howls, and screams with a veteran's conviction. Second track "I Got Scabies" begins as a hellbound highway rocker and ends with clanging Daydream Nation strums. "Lloyd Needs Meds" follows, slowing things down to heavy, transcendent White Album bliss, the sounds of eerie voices and sharpening knives buried in the haze.

From start to finish, Altered States of Death and Grace is a supremely rocking album that traverses the whole spectrum but always keeps a foot in black.

Stream "Let's Bloodlet," featuring guest vocals by Dave Curran of Unsane, here>>

The album was recorded at Terminus Recording Studios and mixed at 28th Street Sound by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Mutoid Man), and mastered by Carl Saff (Fu Manchu, Sannhet).

The tracklist is as follows:

1) Zoloft Manual
2) I Got Scabies
3) Lloyd Needs Meds
4) Let's Bloodlet
5) Exorcist Everything
6) Let's Scare Death to Death
7) Jessup Jessup Jessup
8) Every Dentist Does
9) Slowly Severed
10) When Dying's Done

Aqualamb, the Brooklyn label of which Black Black Black bassist Johnathan Swafford is co-owner, will release Altered States of Death and Grace on March 25th in its signature format: the label has made a name for releasing music in the form of pristinely-designed, 100-page, softbound books. In Aqualamb's book series, each album's art and liner notes, traditionally confined to an LP gatefold, a CD booklet, or the screen of a music-playing device, is given an expanded space in which to shine. A download code for the music is included within each book. Altered States of Death and Grace's cover art was created by frontman Byers, with Aqualamb handling the book design.

Altered States of Death and Grace follows Black Black Black's self-titled debut album, released on Aqualamb in 2013.

Black Black Black has played shows with Torche, Weedeater, Doomriders, and more. The band joins Craw and STATS for a Craw reunion show at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn on March 12th.

Jason Alexander Byers - vocals
Jacob Cox - guitar
Johnathan Swafford - bass
Jeff Ottenbacher - drums

Dave Curran - guest vocals on "Zoloft Manual" and "Let's Bloodlet"
Jesse Quattro - guest vocals on "Slowly Severed"



Limited Edition (300 QT) Blue Vinyl with the NEW Exclusive Vinyl Only track "The Ambulance Was Late" Recorded May 2015. Mastered especially for vinyl and pressed at Gotta Groove in Cleveland Ohio.

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The Space Merchant Albulm Cover

Album Art

Aqualamb Records presents its next release: the self-titled debut album by The Space Merchants, out June 9th.

A self-proclaimed "country band traveling through space," The Space Merchants drive, jangle, and twang their way through sweet, haunting jams, as majestic as they are minimal. Theirs is a lo-fi psych experience, befitting of interstellar exploration as well as lonely highway trucking. .

Naming The Velvet Underground, Black Sabbath, and Bobbie Gentry as musical inspirations, and mining the realms of science fiction, religion and myth in their lyrics, the co-ed Brooklyn band marries backporch Americana with brain-blowing transcendence, a juxtaposition they themselves sum up as "like Johnny Cash explaining current theories in astrophysics."

On perfectly composed songs like "One Cut Like the Moon" and "Mainline the Sun," female and male voices intertwine in rich harmonies over bluesy guitar- and organ-driven rock. The instrumentation is classic, the song structures are tried and true. The Space Merchants follow a recipe that has been working since the birth of rock n' roll, yet these are songs that seduce, abduct, and lead guided tours of other worlds.

The dazzling/dizzying cover art is by Braulio Amado, whose work has graced the covers of The New York Times Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek.
The tracklisting is as follows:

1) One Cut Like the Moon
2) Evil Itch
3) Mainline the Sun
4) Beatniks
5) Good Day to Die
6) Reavers
7) One Thousand Years of Boredom
8) Where's the Rest of Life



Book art


The Craw Box set and 100 page book is out. Order this amazing project. Aqualamb designed the book and packaging in collaboration with Northern Spy Records.

You more than likely never heard of Craw but you should: "The songs are explosive, eerie and downright riveting, combining the visceral rush of metallic post-hardcore, the compositional majesty of progressive rock and the purposeful abstraction of experimental improv, while at the same time achieving a rare, insular coherence all their own.” Hank Shteamer, writer and project organizer

Hiram-Maxim’s S/T debut is out now!


Book art


Limited edition colored vinyl

The self-titled debut album by Cleveland, Ohio band Hiram-Maxim, is out now! Named for the 19th-century inventor of the Maxim machine gun, Hiram-Maxim plumb the darkest depths of eerie, drunken psych, in line with Pink Floyd's early jams or the creepiest crawlings of Oxbow and US Maple.

Hiram-Maxim's debut consists of four songs, spanning 36 minutes. Frontman Fred Gunn whispers, groans, and howls as he details tragic deaths, self-destruction, and cannibalistic love. Dave Taha's guitars lay down heavy blues then veer out into the uneasy ambience of Moore/Ranaldo space, melding with Lisa Miralia's electronics to create a bed of paranoid textures. On drums, John Panza keeps it sparse and loose, goading the songs along on winding rambles toward their final destinations.

Hiram-Maxim is a free-form, free-falling affair spacious and improvisational. Live, natural, and totally unsettling, the album sounds as if it was recorded in one take in the attic of a haunted house. In truth, it is reported to have been recorded and mixed by John Delzoppo at Negative Space in Cleveland, Ohio and mastered by Chris Keffer at Magnetic North. The 100 page book was designed by Cleveland based Graphic Designer Ron Kretsch.


"[Hiram-Maxim's] 'Visceral' builds into an apocalyptic fervor before dissipating into a cloudy haze and ending before you've had your fill. Thankfully there's a whole album of these brutal-but-beautiful goodies." - Vice

"[Aqualamb's] first release of 2015 is a murky psychedelic venture into a darkness that immediately seems familiar to the Ummagumma days of Pink Floyd... The album's congruence of spacious ambience and hissing electronics makes for the kind of pulsing abrasion that's immediately and infectiously rewarding." - Steel for Brains

"More like an experiment in the deconstruction of sound than an album in the traditional sense... In another universe, one might call it punk rock. Here, it is gleefully and thoroughly fucked up." - The Obelisk

"Pink Floyd-esque progressive rock nuances and Oxbow-style weirdness... Noisy, psychedelic and just plain odd." - American Aftermath

"Spread over four tracks, the music on Hiram-Maxim (Aqualamb) sounds mostly improvised, giving it a genuine feeling of unease as the four band members craft sounds that could be the soundtrack to undergoing a particularly intense k-hole whilst locked in a Salvador Dali museum overnight. The loose, free-form approach often gives way to violent bursts of noise such as on the brutally harsh 'Can't Stop' which sounds as if Throbbing Gristle had been force-fed mescaline." - Ghost Cult Magazine

Various Artists
Aqualamb Winter Label Sampler

For those of you new to the label, we're pleased to present our free Winter Label Sampler featuring songs from all our current artists. Included are new tracks from Hiram-Maxim, Godmaker and Descender along with classic tracks from Black Black Black, Vagina Panther and HHR.

Head over to our bandcamp page and download yours now!


We have some really cool stuff coming up for 2015! Releases that are locked down are Cleveland Ohio's psychedelic stone masons: Hiram-Maxim and New York space rockers: The Space Merchants.

Plus a ton more in the works with some other new bands and new output coming from current bands: Godmaker, Black Black Black , Descender , HHR , and Vagina Panther!

2015 is the year of the Aqualamb?



Hiram-Maxim (LP)

Hiram-Maxim's debut consists of four songs, spanning 36 minutes. Frontman Fred Gunn whispers, groans, and howls as he details tragic deaths, self-destruction, and cannibalistic love. Dave Taha's guitars lay down heavy blues then veer out into the uneasy ambience of Moore/Ranaldo space, melding with Lisa Miralia's electronics to create a bed of paranoid textures. On drums, John Panza keeps it sparse and loose, goading the songs along on winding rambles toward their final destinations.


Godmaker (LP)

Godmaker is two New Yorkers and two Kansans who combine forces to crush your soul, break your heart, and rattle your innards. This is punishingly/defiantly heavy music that inhabits darker parts of the sonic spectrum. Atmospheric and thunderously loud riffs are combined with bursts of sonic virtuosity and sparse minimalism to create structures that are violently technical while swinging as hard as they can. Listeners tend to be left hopelessly head-lobbing with a shit-eating grin.


Black Black Black
Black Black Black (LP)

NYC's Black Black Black creates heavy disillusioned doom pop. Featuring members of various rust belt rock bands, the debut from these Ohio expats is designed to conjure, cajole, and catapult the dead. Seven-eyed goats, alters, cults, and other dark visions were the inspiration for this insistent record.


And So We Marched (EP)

Taking its name from a typographic term, Descender is a Brooklyn-based band made up of four graphic designers. Drawing on influences ranging from early '90s indie and punk rock to hardcore and prog metal, Descender effortlessly fuses together a sound that defies easy classification.


Human Highlight Reel
Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to. (EP)

Human Highlight Reel (HHR) crafts instrumental cinematic compositions for a post-apocalyptic era in music. HHR crumbles elements of rock into multi-sectioned chimeras that rarely travel in linear trajectories.


Vagina Panther
Judge (EP)

In our world of non-smoking rock venues and other diluted versions of what once was, VP return a bit of the dirty back to its rightful home of Rock. Rock 'n' Roll was never meant to be safe or clean.