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We have some really cool stuff coming up for 2015! Releases that are locked down are Cleveland Ohio's psychedelic stone masons: Hiram-Maxim and New York space rockers: The Space Merchants.

Plus a ton more in the works with some other new bands and new output coming from current bands: Godmaker, Black Black Black , Descender , HHR , and Vagina Panther!
2015 is the year of the Aqualamb?

Godmaker's S/T album is out NOW. BUY THE 100 PAGE PRINTED BOOK featuring the artwork of Joseph Silver and Stephen Wilson. Philadelphia's Dullest Records also has a special limited edition cassette tape version.

The 4 song 33 minute mini LP was produced and mixed by Justin Mantooth and recorded with the help of Phil Duke.

There is a FREE RELEASE SHOW on Tuesday 11-11 at Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn featuring Godmaker / Cleanteeth / Polygamyst / Beast Modulus.

The band will be touring:

11/13 : SET, Drones for Queens, Godmaker @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
11/14 : Capacities, Cleanteeth, Godmaker, Huldra, Thera Roya, Inertia @ Clash Bar (Clifton, NJ)
11/16 : Godmaker, Fortress, Black Blizzard @ R&K Pub (Hagerstown, MD)


"...this is a thunder fucking jaw dropper of an album... The self-titled debut from half Brooklynite, half Kansasian metal outfit Godmaker is, to put things short, sludge metal done absolutely right... When I hear an album like this I really just want to slap you in the head and make you listen to it. That?s right, I wish you were here. RIGHT HERE. With me. Together. So I could see the look on your dumb face when Godmaker shoots a cannon full of gravel-ridden lava at it." - The Bent Unit

"Thankfully, the dudes that comprise Godmaker are no slouches in the heavy department whatsoever... this band of beardos bring the thunder with an unbridled fury that would fell Zeus himself?" - Metal Sucks

"It?s a towering titan of a track, venturing into a dozen different sonic territories through its 8-minute duration, with badass riffage and crushing drums tying everything together. It?s a tapestry of labyrinthian riffs, throat-shredding vocals, and almost schizophrenic shifts, but it all meshes well in the end. ?Megalith? covers an album?s worth of textures in the span of one song, so you can look forward to hearing how far they take it on the whole record. Listen to the track above and turn it way the fuck up." - Zumic

"Let's not fuck around here folks. Godmaker's S/T debut album is a stunning album packed full of awesome riffs. Let me just cut to the chase and say ? Godmaker ? is heavy, loud and angry as hell. If you're a fan of Red Fang, Kyuss and Mastodon then prepare to meet Godmaker as they will impress you in a big way." - The Sludgelord

"The thunderous drums, riff and rhythm of it's intro is so vicious and then we hit the slower stoner transition. Man prepare yourself for a fucking ride. The rawness of the vocals are a perfect compliment to the heavy rhythm section flowing up front. There is indeed a method to their groovy madness as the band slide scales between fast and slow breakdowns. It comes off as something akin to rhythmically tossing gas on a flame. The interplay between all the elements of the band is so heavy and spot on." - Heavy Metal Textbooks

"The new track is the eight minute behemoth, ?Megalith?, that churns out devastatingly crushing and catchy riff after riff. The song sounds like a mash-up between all the best parts of Sleep and sister band High on Fire." - American Aftermath



Godmaker (LP)

Godmaker is two New Yorkers and two Kansans who combine forces to crush your soul, break your heart, and rattle your innards. This is punishingly/defiantly heavy music that inhabits darker parts of the sonic spectrum. Atmospheric and thunderously loud riffs are combined with bursts of sonic virtuosity and sparse minimalism to create structures that are violently technical while swinging as hard as they can. Listeners tend to be left hopelessly head-lobbing with a shit-eating grin.


Black Black Black
Black Black Black (LP)

NYC's Black Black Black creates heavy disillusioned doom pop. Featuring members of various rust belt rock bands, the debut from these Ohio expats is designed to conjure, cajole, and catapult the dead. Seven-eyed goats, alters, cults, and other dark visions were the inspiration for this insistent record.


And So We Marched (EP)

Taking its name from a typographic term, Descender is a Brooklyn-based band made up of four graphic designers. Drawing on influences ranging from early '90s indie and punk rock to hardcore and prog metal, Descender effortlessly fuses together a sound that defies easy classification.


Human Highlight Reel
Taking Drugs to Make Music to Sell Cars to. (EP)

Human Highlight Reel (HHR) crafts instrumental cinematic compositions for a post-apocalyptic era in music. HHR crumbles elements of rock into multi-sectioned chimeras that rarely travel in linear trajectories.


Vagina Panther
Judge (EP)

In our world of non-smoking rock venues and other diluted versions of what once was, VP return a bit of the dirty back to its rightful home of Rock. Rock 'n' Roll was never meant to be safe or clean.